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Garage Door Spring

Call  Magic for garage door torsion spring repair and we’ll get it fixed fast. We offer 24-hour a day service for garage door repairs and in  Burbank, we’ll be there in less than an hour.

We are your local expert for garage door spring repair and we want to take care of your garage doors maintenance and repairs. Our technicians start by looking at your garage door’s torsion springs to find the cause of your trouble.  Some distinguishing signs of damaged torsion springs are that your garage door becomes uneven during opening or it won’t open more than a few inches if at all, and stops.

Our technicians know how to release the pressure in the torsion springs to make the repairs safely. Our technicians are factory trained on all the components. They will relieve all the pressure on the springs safely. Because of the care we take, there won’t be any harm to your garage door or to your garage due to the torsion springs letting loose. We repair every garage door part fast and professionally with factory approved parts. We want all your business

Magic Garage Door Spring Repair

When homeowners have problems with the torsion springs, sometimes DIY  repairs are attempted. Most people are not familiar with the harm torsion springs do when they let loose with over 500 lbs of immediate force. If the springs are released inappropriately, damage and injury can happen.

During the springs lifetime, normal wear and tear will take its toll just like with any other moving parts. The torsion springs wear down after 6000 cycles or approximately 5 years of use. Most of the time, both springs start to break down at the same rate. The springs work together to lift your door and usually suffer the same amount of wear over the years.

We can offer you a maintenance contract that will protect you from broken springs and any damage caused by maintenance or repair work. We will examine the torsion springs as part of the garage door safety check twice a year and see the signs of wear while they look at your springs long before there is a problem starting.

Our technicians will then replace your torsion springs before too much wear and tear occurs and they break. Magic garage door repair company keeps a full line of manufacturer approved parts on hand. We are always ready to lend a hand, anytime, day or night. You can count on us.

Normally, people don’t even know what the torsion springs on their garage door are. Why would they? The torsion springs make lifting your 600 lb garage door easy enough  to do it with one hand because they do the heavy lifting for you. That’s a lot of energy.

For more than 10 years we have brought fast and reliable garage door repair service to  Burbank. Our technicians are all factory qualified and they know how to fix your garage door springs. They can keep your garage doors under warranty because they are factory trained. Call us first to repair your garage door torsion springs. Our technicians will repair all the problems caused by your garage door deteriorating and aging.

Our crew are the local experts for garage door installations, service, and repair. We carry every brand name manufacturers parts. We have built up our reputation as one of the better garage door repair company in Burbank because of our focus on customer service.

Did you know that broken torsion springs can cause a lot more injury to your garage door beyond possibly hurting you? When your torsion springs break or wear out, your door opens unevenly. This will break the door panels eventually as well as the other components.

Your garage door torsion springs are mounted to brackets through the anchor cones. The anchor brackets fasten to your garage walls. At the other end of the spring are the winding cones that we use for installing and uninstalling the spring. The springs are preloaded with force and that is what opens and closes your garage doors. It makes it so easy you can do it with one hand.

The lower end of the garage door cable lifts your garage door up as the cable drum passes on the force from the shaft. The shaft runs through the torsion springs. It releases the energy when the drum is active. The cable drums pressurize the bearings. The end plates rest against the shaft. All of these parts work together and open and close your garage door. As you can see with just this brief overview, it takes a capable technician to keep this sorted out.

Our technicians can make maintenance recommendations if customers want to take care of some things themselves. Call Magic today! You’ll be glad you did.